These free videos from global network marketing leader Angel Fletcher will help you get your business started right!

Whether you are new to network marketing or to weight loss, or already well on your journey. Get Started!

1  Helping a New Distributor Find Success 

No matter what you do, be consistent — with your products, with your time, with everything you do.

2  Network Marketing Terminology

Use the right words to be approachable and help people understand this profession.  Set your team up for success by using plain terms.

3  Hot Market! 

Who would you loan your children to? Who are the people you can trust with your business opportunity?

4  Cold Market

Don’t let the word “cold” put you off. Your cold market is just the people you haven’t met yet!

5  Complimenting

A genuine compliment almost always brings a smile. Make it a goal to look for ways to make people smile. It almost always brings an opportunity for a second conversation.

6  What is Network Marketing?

We are a profession. Network marketing is deciding whether you want to be a keeper of a secret. It’s not about building an empire. It’s all about word-of-mouth referrals.

7  Why Choose You? 

How do you choose a mentor? I’ve walked a mile in those shoes.

8  Be a Goal Digger! 

I look at goals differently. My goals are directly connected to the end result. Let me show you how that works.

9  Commitment and Decisions

People will make decisions from a place of wishing they were better. What is the problem you can solve for them?

10  What is Fat Brain?

When you lose weight, it takes a while for you to see yourself in a new way. Be conscious of the stories you may be unconsciously telling yourself, and own the new you.

11  Weight Loss Trifecta

There are three stages of how you can lose weight: What you put in your mouth, how much you move, and which product you use when you decide to lose weight.

12  Fat Clothes

Get rid of your fat clothes! You’re not going back there. But what to do with your fat clothes when you ditch the safety net, and what if getting rid of them could actually help you build your business?

13  Weight Loss Journey

You’ve got to know where you came from to get where you’re going.